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Commercial Solutions

& Design

Luxury Vehicle

Home Theater & 
Media Rooms

 Having a great home theater or media room is one of the best things you can do to enhance time spent at home with family and friends. Nothing brings a family together like a great movie, TV show, or playoff game in a cozy home theater. Suddenly, your house is the cool house, and a rainy Saturday night at home is everyone’s first choice.

 Audio Wizard AV is certain to inspire 
you with a reliable system that scales 
and delivers unsurpassed, 
memorable experiences.

Imagine the Possibilities

Multi-Room & Outdoor Audio Systems

Regardless of whether you are looking for ambient background music, or a speaker system that will bring down the house,
Audio Wizard AV will expertly design and install high-definition audio throughout your home or business. 
Multi-room audio provides you with the freedom to enjoy your music from anywhere inside your home or outdoor living space. Manage your tunes from 
the convenience of a single device 
or allow for personalized control on 
a room-by-room basis. 

Live Luxuriously

Internet Networks & 
Wifi Systems

One of the biggest and most important aspects 
that often gets overlooked is building a robust network 
in the home and office space. 

With all the devices we have these days that connect to the internet, from audio/video equipment, phones, laptops and computers to gaming systems thermostats and even appliances, It's never been more important to have a solid network system to deliver fast, uninterrupted service to all of the users and devices that many households have today.

Having a combination of an enterprise grade router as well as wireless access points strategically placed around the home, is the backbone of  a good solid networking system that with let everything run the way it was intended as well as to get the extended Wi-Fi coverage that most homes need. 

At Audio Wizard AV, we offer scalable networking solutions to keep your home and office running at it's best for peak performance.

Superior, Reliable, Scalable Automation

Lighting Control &
One Touch Automation

Audio Wizard AV delivers next generation, residential and commercial automation solutions and exceptional performance for a truly personalized experience. Imagine your smart home or office space exceeding your expectations.

We can help you imagine and bring to life a smart home with more comfort, security and enjoyment.
  • Home Entertainment: Control your kitchen, family room, bedroom, home theater or outdoor living space.
  • High-Definition Audio: Stream premium quality music or make announcements with ducking and no echo or delay.
  • Smart Lighting: Automate smart lighting solutions for convenience, energy savings, safety and security.
  • Comfort: Automate and control your home’s temperature year round. 
  • Automated Shades: Save energy and offer convenience with automated shade integration.
  • Security: View live video from door stations and cameras on touch screens and remotes.

Commercial Business & Office Solutions

Your business is an extension of yourself and deserves the very best. 
At Audio Wizard AV, we proudly 
provide high-quality A/V solutions for schools, boardrooms, auditoriums, warehouses, automobile dealerships, 
and much more. 
From conference, huddle and zoom rooms, to video walls, digital signage and custom built displays, kiosks and sales counters, We provide custom solutions to
best reflect the vision you have created for you company.

Doorbell Stations &
Security Camera Systems

Protect the things that matter most.
Our integrated surveillance systems give you the freedom 
to monitor your home or business from anywhere on the planet.

Don’t settle for a generic surveillance system from a gigantic warehouse store. At Audio Wizard AV, we only install products that we can confidently stand behind, leaving your home and business well-monitored for years to come.

New Construction
Low Voltage Prewiring

Are you building a new home? Wondering what to prewire and if it’s even necessary with all the new wireless technology?

We can help come up with a plan and design your home system in a way you expand over time, even if you can’t afford to do everything you want at the 
time of building. 

It's in your best interest to consult with an expert and not rely on your builder 
to guide you properly through the 
audio, visual and entertainment 
aspects of you new home. 
You'll be happy you did.

Luxury Vehicle Enhancements

You've finally purchased the vehicle 
of your dreams and it's INCREDIBLE
 but there are a couple areas where the manufacturer fell short or you want 
to personalize it and make it 
stand out from the rest.

We can help take your ride 
to the next level!

From color change vinyl wraps and seamless audio system integration, to invisible radar/laser protection and Weistec Engineering ECU Tuning and turbo system upgrades.

Let us help you stand out from 
the crowd!

This Is Exactly What you've been searching for
Whether you are building new, remodeling or simply updating your existing home or business, Audio Wizard AV is certain to inspire you with a reliable system that scales and delivers unsurpassed, memorable experiences.
Sit down with an Audio Wizard AV expert and see 
how we can help you take your home, business,
 and luxury vehicle to the next level and 
make everything work in perfect harmony.

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Our Commitment

At Audio Wizard AV, we hold ourselves to the very highest standards. Our attention to detail and impeccable customer service are the keys to helping us stand out above the competition. Our job is not complete until we have created the perfect custom solutions for all of your audio/video needs.

Financing Available

Creating the system of 
your dreams has never 
been easier!
Contact Audio Wizard AV to discuss our various financing options and start visualizing your Smart Home and/or Business Solutions today!

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