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Transforming The Vue Luxury Apartments: A Blend of Luxury and Simplicity

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Dustin Reese

"The Wizard"

Meet Dustin, the heart and founder of Audio Wizard AV, with a passion unmatched for crafting high-fidelity AV experiences. Boasting over 25 years in the industry, his expertise ensures projects not only meet but exceed standards, emphasizing unparalleled customer satisfaction. Dustin's vision and leadership have shaped Audio Wizard AV into the esteemed brand it is today, promising excellence in every endeavor.​

Our Recent Build Of A 195" Video Wall:
​A Sports Lovers Dream

At the base of the mountain in Utah County, The Vue Luxury Apartments offers more than just a living space; it promises an experience. Their latest endeavor was to ensure their clubhouse wasn’t just any room – it needed to be the entertainment hub of their community. Partnering with Audio Wizard AV, they aimed to bring unparalleled innovation to the space.

The Vision
The Vue had a clear dream: they wanted their clubhouse to be more than just a room. They envisioned it as a place where residents could relax, have fun, and enjoy movies, sports, and shows like never before. A place to make memories with family and friends. They partnered with us, Audio Wizard AV, to turn this dream into reality.

Challenges Overcome
With every great project comes its set of challenges. For us, the primary obstacle was balancing sophistication with user-friendliness. We needed a system robust enough to deliver top-tier entertainment, yet simple enough that residents, regardless of their tech expertise, could operate it without confusion and training. Our answer? A user interface offering step-by-step guidance, ensuring even first-time users felt like pros.

The Ultimate Entertainment Spot
From the massive wall consisting of nine 65” Samsung TVs creating the amazingly huge 195” image, allowing multiple shows at once, to the dynamic sounds of the Monitor Audio in-ceiling speaker system, the result was pure magic. We even surprised them with some extra features. We created an option that allows them to use the wall for digital signage to show off the highlights of their property. The Vue staff echoed the sentiment, often expressing surprise at how effortlessly such a powerful system operated.

Audio Wizard AV’s Touch
Taking on challenges and creating custom solutions is our forte at Audio Wizard AV. The joy for us lies in watching our clients' reactions when we unveil our creations. The Vue Luxury Apartments project was no exception, encapsulating our ethos of merging innovation with user-centric design.

Unveiling the Magic
The Vue Luxury Apartments knew they had something special, and what better way to introduce it than with a grand opening celebration? Their party, attended by staff and residents alike, was a testament to the success of the project, as the new entertainment hub became the star of the show.

The revamped Vue clubhouse is not merely a room; it’s a tale of how tech can redefine community spaces. And at Audio Wizard AV, the story doesn’t end here. With more projects on the horizon, the journey of transforming spaces continues.

Behind the Scenes
While residents enjoy the front-end experience, there's some cool tech happening behind the scenes.

For the brains of the system, we used URC’s Total Control system to bring everything to life and make sure everything runs smoothly. The 10” tabletop touchscreen controller in addition to the 2.4” touchscreen wand-style remote was custom programmed using TC FLEX, giving us the ability to customize button layout and graphics while keeping everything on brand for The Vue. Not to mention providing their residents with a fantastic user experience.

The Samsung 4K Commercial displays were chosen for their thin bezel design, 24/7 rated operation, and stunning picture quality.

A Monitor Audio in-ceiling speaker system provides plenty of impact and detail being powered by an Integra AV receiver.

Six Roku Ultra 4Ks were used for their familiarity, friendly integration with URC, and digital signage capabilities.

Just Add Power Media Over IP video distribution components were a must for performance, reliability, and scalability paired with Luxul networking equipment, routers, and switches. All the equipment is neatly tucked away in an in-cabinet equipment rack ensuring the room looks sleek without clutter while all the electronics stay protected with Wattbox power conditioners.

With the power of OVRC’s cloud management software, we are able to monitor and support their system for trouble-free operation for years to come.

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